Here are a few things that our Alive Customers had to say....and many more to come!

"Dear Alive Products, I am a 30 year user of your products who is continually amazed at the level of quality and usefulness of your entire skin care line.  Recently my family and I were on vacation in sunny Hawaii.  As you might imagine our fun turned to frustration after we spent too long in the intense Hawaiian sun.  My teenage daughter and I were both quite sunburned on our shoulders and upper backs (even WHILE using a 30 spf sunscreen!).  We immediately went to the hotel room and slathered on generous amounts of Alive Skin Creme.  Within minutes the burn and the “crispy skin” feeling had subsided, and I’m happy to report that as of a week later we have had no peeling skin.  Looks like Alive has protected us again!

Please continue to make your wonderful products. I can tell you that you have won over a 2nd generation of customers in our household."

M. L. Mill Valley, Ca.

"Just dropping you a line to tell you how wonderful I think the Skin Mystique is.  I've been using it on my face, neck and chest area twice a day now for about 3 weeks.  My skin is softer to the touch, smoother and best of all. . .younger looking!  I've also used it on the backs of my hands (hands show age too don't they?) and it seems to have much more effect than any hand lotion I've ever used. Keep up the good work. . .your products are absolutely marvelous!"        C.S., California

Different ways our customers use ALIVE  products:

 Ever had a sunburn?

 .............rough heels?

 .............rough elbows?

 .............heat burn? tags?

 .............sore joints?

 .............scar tissue?

 .............small cuts and scrapes?

 .............chapped, dry lips?

 ..............rough, dry hands?


​"My love affair with Alive skin Care Products began in the mid-1980's.  I was a newly-wed wife of a veterinary student in rural Virginia, working as a Registered Dietitian, when I happened upon an interview-style infomercial on television.  Most women in their mid-20s are not yet thinking about a comprehensive skin care regime, but something about the discussion and benefits pressed on my heart.  We were not overflowing financially, with my husband in graduate school, but I bit the bullet and sent in my order.  The rest is pure, profound history...I was so impressed and hooked!  For 30 years I have been faithfully in love with Alive.  The comments I get continuously and usually totally unexpectedly by strangers about the "beautiful, smooth" skin on my face just fill me with joy."

J.B., Flint Hill, VA


 "I am a 63-year-old woman who started Alive Products in 2004.  I didn't stick with it back then and now I regret it.  I recently started using Alive Products again in August 2013.

       I have one deep line in my forehead and 4 lines above my top lip. I have never used botox nor will I, because I don't like the look it leaves (to the trained eye.)  The Alive cream, moisturizer and spray used twice daily has diminished my deep lines by 50%.  I saw improvement within three days of using the product. I was not putting it on my neck until recently and now I am seeing the lines on my neck disappear.  I was applying the product more in the middle of my neck and those lines have diminished maybe 70%.  It's important to keep up the routine, because when I slack off I see the lines slowly start to come back.

    The other thing I can say is that my skin is extremely sensitive and Alive is one of the few products I can even get near my eyes, so I am grateful that it is such a "clean" product.  It doesn't smell at all which I also appreciate. I wish I had kept using the product when I started 10 years ago.  I think that I could have completely reversed the deep lines in my forehead and upper lip.  

     So if you are in your 40s or 50s, I would start and stay with it as a preventative measure.  It might seem like a lot of work if your skin is still pretty smooth and young, but it won't stay that way forever.  I hope your can learn from my big mistake!  Go forth and be beautiful, inside and out."                   K.J.,Seattle, WA